Correct way to register a client to a different network

Hello, what is the correct way to register a client (for example a windows client) to a different network?

Hi Alexis, the windows client you are asking about, I believe is from a network that is provisioned through your NetFoundry console subscription. I’d refer you to the NetFoundry team you are working with or ask the question through

Sorry, realized as soon I posted the question but found no way to cancel. Thanks !!

@alexis Important to understand also what network you are communicating with. We have two different types of Clients available (Standard and ZITI). Registering Standard is done by a registration code, and registering ZITI is done by JWT file.

  1. Standard can only connect to one “network” at a time. Thus the need for a switching application.
  2. ZITI uses the concept of identities, and a user can toggle the identities on/off. Each identity ties to at least one “network”, thus in ZITI you can connect to multiple networks at one time.

The ZITI Client is available in AppStore/PlayStore and the MacStore for MacOS. ZITI looks like this, and you can see in the example image that I have access to toggle two identities. Each identity is tied to its own network thus giving me the ability to exist and reach to multiple networks at one time. Note, this is only if there is not a conflict in the service between the identities (IE, identity-1, ::: identity-2, would be a conflict).