Accessing HTTP via domain name

When I am conducting the experiment from Use a Tunneler as a Local Gateway | OpenZiti and reach step 5.1 "Create an intercept.v1 config," there is no problem filling in the IP address for "addresses," but entering a domain name results in a 502 error. How can I access it via a domain name?
Thank you

What does the config look like? Are you listing both the IP and the name? If so, the command does not like a space after the comma between them. Or am I misunderstanding where you are getting the error?

thank you, The issue has already been resolved; it was a problem with the proxy. but i found another issue, ziti-sdk-py/sample/flask-of-ziti at main · openziti/ziti-sdk-py · GitHub,

curl <name-of-service>:<intercept-port>

i want to kown the meaning of name-of-service, is it a name of service or a addresses of intercept.v1??

That looks to me like it's the actual name of the service, not an intercept

ok,i got it,thank you

I looked at the doc again today and now I'm not sure. Step 4 states, "Or simply visiting the intercept address in a browser." somehow I didn't notice curl being used in the example. the readme doesn't mention having a tunneler running either.

I think that last two steps needs to be verified. I would think that a tunneler would need to be running and that doc needs to be updated to state it's the intercept.

I'll see if I can verify it today and fix the readme if it's wrong