API Doc for Java

Is there API doc for Java? It;s not listed on | Ziti

Welcome to the community @sevarac !!! Glad to have you.

You’re right. There doesn’t seem to be. I added this issue for that.

In the meantime - the APIs are all “pretty much the same” to be honest. You can read the API for c# or swift or C and get a “good idea” for what you’re doing but I recognize that’s not the same as having some bespoke javadoc.

I’ve added that issue and we’ll see if we can get that added. In the meantime - anything in particular I could help you with? One of our engineers wrote this nice blog that takes you through a fully zitified java application.

I gave a presentation to the NY Java UG which is my “intro to application embedded zero trust” (first 48 minutes) and then at the end starting around minute 58 I basically walk through a fully zitified java client to server app…

Those might be good places to start. If you’re having fun with OpenZiti do me a favor and give a star to the github repo? It helps us get the word out to the world about OpenZiti!


Thanks. Having api doc for Java would make it easy to include it in IDE.
But from what I understand from examples and discussion in other thread, it all comes down to initializing Ziti and everything can stay the same, which is nice.

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