Can I connect my Ubuntu AWS instance and have it communicate with my host Windows Machine?

Hi all! I'm fairly new to OpenZiti and I'm excited to explore!

I have an Ubuntu AWS desktop setup with OpenZiti on it locally. I wish to have it communicate with my Windows Host. I set up a second public router via the Admin Console. However, I am a bit stumped on how to set up the Services and the Tunneling system on the second router to make them connective, assuming I need to set up IP addresses and ports. I am unsure how to connect both of the routers as I am not sure how to test connectivity. I have added the certificate key to the Ziti Desktop Edge when I created the 'Second-router' edge router. But it is now invalid.

Screenshot one: Open Ziti Desktop Edge Tunnel Config: (not understanding how it got configured)

![Screenshot (164)|403x500](upload://uZQjIOemDgiY0EQZEl5fHoxfWta.png)
Second Screenshot: The Edge Routers:

Thank you and can't wait to hear back! :smiley:

The first screenshot:

Hi @susie55, welcome to the community and to OpenZiti!

Yes, you can do what you want to do. Let's take it step by step. Firstly, I assume your controller is available on the public internet right? You'll need the controller and at least one router to be available so that your Windows machine can connect to the controller and router.

Once you have that setup, you then want to get from the AWS Ubuntu machine, back to your Windows machine, right? What sorts of services are you looking to access? Let's start off with a small list of the sorts of things you're looking to do so that I can give you a better answer.

Here is how I would do this:

  • setup OpenZiti controller and router somewhere that both the AWS Ubuntu machine and Windows machine can conenct to the controller and router.
  • setup the AWS Ubuntu machine
  • install ziti-edge-tunnel on the ubuntu machine
  • install Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows on the Windows machine
  • Create an identity for the ubuntu machine and enroll it
  • Create an identity for the Windows machine and enroll it
  • Create services communicating back and forth, for example I might make an RDP service to get from Ubuntu to Windows, or I might make a VNC service to get from Windows to the Ubuntu machine etc.

You don't need two routers, but you can certainly go that route if you want. Instead, I'd probably use ziti-edge-tunnel on each machine (as I mention above).

Dunno if that helps too much or hurts, hopefully it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the reply! I have OpenZiti installed and configured on the Ubuntu AWS and not on Windows (I assumed that I won't need to since I will have to routers set up which will connect to the Ziti Edge). Apologies if I ask too much questions that may seem like they have obvious answers.

The controller is public yes.

Could I create the two routers and identities on the controller so that both of them will be connected? Or should I create a ZitiController that is isn't set up locally on the Ubuntu AWS.

The only thing I am looking for right now is for both of the hosts to be able to send packets to eachother.

Yes. That is perfectly fine. Are you looking to turn both into gateways? If so, maybe you're lookign for something like this? Use a Router as a LAN Gateway | OpenZiti there's a nice video that accompanies this too.

If you're looking for something simpler, and just want JUST the AWS machine to talk to Windows and vice versa, there are simpler ways to accomplish that imo. But maybe you're looking for this sort of deployment?

What kinds of packets are you looking to send? For example, I can show you how to ssh from windows to aws or rdp from aws to windows if you have somethignn specific you're trying to accomplish?

Sorry for the delay in this reply. I'm sure we can get you working though!