Can multiple apps (SDK) share the same identity on the same device to communicate over the overlay to the same or different services?

I'm setting up multiple executables to run at the same time on the same PC. My goal is to Zitify them and enable their communication via an OZ overlay with different secured API services within that overlay.

I intend to assign a single identity to these services for access control. Is it feasible for all of them to use this one identity?

Could there be any problems if all the executables use the same identity, especially when they access the same or various services at the same time?

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Welcome to OpenZiti and the community!

Yes, you can share the identity among apps. We’ve seen this as an emergent pattern. You will lose some fidelity (and therefore arguably some security), but others have successfully made that trade off.

Sounds cool! I hope whatever you end up doing is something you can share? Sounds fun and neat! We love hearing about how people use the SDKs for this sort of stuff.