Enrollment Failed:Unable to resolve host "ziti-edge-controller" No address associated with hostname

I’m sorry I have another problem

I built the network and services through the docker-compose method in quickstarts, and then downloaded the tunnel client of mac os. After loading jwt, I can pass the test.

Then I downloaded the demo source code of android from github(GitHub - openziti/ziti-tunnel-android), and it ran correctly through android stutio,But when I import jwt in the first step, the display is as follows

This jwt is generated by me from the console panel, and the android mobile phone and the tunnel client of mac os are in the same local area network

What else can cause such problems?

I seem to know my problem, because Ziti-edge-controller can’t resolve it on the mobile end, right?

The PC side works well because I have configured Ziti-edge-controller and Ziti-edge-router in hosts. If so, I want to test the tunnel program on the mobile side in the LAN. Can it be implemented

Hi @Fancy,

Yes, using docker in this way poses a challenge when using it from a different device. The only way I really know of to accomplish this is to somehow convince your DNS provider to add entries for the ziti-controller and ziti-router. Personally, I run a “pi hole” (https://pi-hole.net/) so I can add entries to my name server easily. If you can’t do that, it really does become difficult.

We don’t really have any quickstarts or guides to help with this situation at this time. I filed an issue to track it and hopefully we’ll add it here how-to use docker with local DNS · Issue #402 · openziti/ziti-doc · GitHub

Basically, the docker containers need to use a configuration file that uses the computer’s hostname/fqdn as the ‘advertised’ address to clients so that your android device would be pointed to a known address.

It’s doable, it’s just not something we have ready to try out with doc and how-to do it. :frowning: