Facing issue in configuring zrok instances to use the self hosted relayer node to share data

Facing this error when I try zrok share private --backend-mode web after configuring the api endpoint in a instance node pointing to the self hosted zrok-ziti controller-router.

│[ 0.733] ERROR main.(*sharePrivateCommand).run.func3: error running http web backend: loading new config: http app│
│module: start: listening on zrok/{token}:0: failed to listen: no apiSession, authentication attempt failed: Get │
│&code_challenge_method=S256&method=cert&prompt=Welcome+back%21&redirect_uri=http%3│ redirect is not allowed as per DomainCheckRedirectPolicy

I am able to see the nodes connecting from the dashboard, but no fetch calls are being transmitted.

Not sure I'm fully understanding what you're trying to do. Could you maybe sketch a quick picture explaining your layout?

Thanks for reaching out @michael.quigley, here's the situation:
The dashboard shows that both the nodes are connecting off the deployed self hosted zrok node:

But I am facing this error when I try to use any share mechanism from my local instance to another instance, configured to use this hosted relayer node:

Let me know if you need more information. Thanks in advance!

Also @michael.quigley, an observation I wanted to add to the above situation is that the address of the instances are always pointing to localhost:

is this the ideal case? Or should I make any changes to the self-hosted zrok-ziti node?

I'm still fairly unclear on what's going on here. Let's start at the beginning...

Can you tell me about how you set up OpenZiti and zrok? What does your environment look like?