Finding software

So, today I set up a new device to partake in the ziti overlay. It took me ages to actually find the downloads for the clients. I went to to find a quick link - maybe in the header but no. Took me a bit of googling to hit the correct link. Looking now, it seems to be a bit easier: > Quickstart > Core Concepts > Clients > Tunnelers.

Any chance we could get a quick link, and put it on the main page banner?


Starting from, I completely skipped that it is called “OpenZiti Tunneling Apps”. I skipped past to the getting started, continued on hoping that I have a Network whats next would give me a link. But no.

I know it might be PEBKAK, and probably me, but do you think we could make finding the client downloads easier?

It’s not just you. There’s a focus right now to make that navigation easier along with other doc related work, it just takes time to shuffle things around and land on a better presentation. This is an area that needs to be made better, totally agree. It’ll happen soon. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll follow up here when the navigation updates.