HA ziti1.1.0 ziti-tunnel-sdk-c cannot be enrolled

I used three virtual machines to form a raft cluster. According to the github document configuration, it started normally.

ziti agent cluster -i ctrl1 list
│ ctrl1 │ tls:www.controller01.com:6262 │ true │ true │ v1.1.0 │ true │
│ ctrl2 │ tls:www.controller02.com:6363 │ true │ false │ v1.1.0 │ true │
│ ctrl3 │ tls:www.controller03.com:6464 │ true │ false │ v1.1.0 │ true │

Routing also starts normally, but cannot be enrolled using the latest tunnel sdk,Is it because there is no adaptation?

(71059)[2024-05-06T03:34:06.764Z] INFO ziti-sdk:ziti_enroll.c:90 ziti_enroll() Ziti C SDK version 0.36.9 @d336721(HEAD) starting enrollment at (2024-05-06T03:34:06.764)
(71059)[2024-05-06T03:34:07.149Z] ERROR ziti-sdk:ziti_ctrl.c:314 ctrl_body_cb() ctrl[www.controller01.com] failed to parse controller response for req[/enroll?method=ott&token=7f4cee82-8972-4463-95ea-9bc146dfafba]>>>
404 page not found

(71059)[2024-05-06T03:34:07.149Z] WARN ziti-sdk:ziti_ctrl.c:91 code_to_error() unmapped error code: INVALID_CONTROLLER_RESPONSE
(71059)[2024-05-06T03:34:07.149Z] ERROR ziti-sdk:ziti_enroll.c:234 enroll_cb() failed to enroll with controller: https://www.controller01.com:1280 INVALID_CONTROLLER_RESPONSE (Not Found)
[2024-05-06T03:34:07:150Z] ERROR CZiti:ZitiEnroller.swift:213 on_enroll() INVALID_CONTROLLER_RESPONSE
[2024-05-06T03:34:07:150Z] ERROR CZiti:Ziti.swift:327 enroll() Optional(Error Domain=ZitiError Code=-3 "INVALID_CONTROLLER_RESPONSE" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=INVALID_CONTROLLER_RESPONSE})
[2024-05-06T03:34:08:221Z] INFO Ziti Desktop Edge:Array+ZitiIdentity.swift:25 updateIdentity() linux-client (1).jwt:qf3oxGodJ CHANGED

HA controllers change some top level API mappings. Here is the issue to address that in SDK