Https:// cant delete certain environments

Hi, I have been using Zrok for a bit and was trying to remove some of the environments from my api page. WHen I click Actions and delete nothing happens. Any idea what is going on? Thanks

When you click delete in the web console, is it removing the node from the visualizer graph?

If not, can you check your web console to see if there are any error messages?

You can also run zrok disable from the environment itself, and it will remove the environment and the artifacts from the system in one operation.

When I click delete in the web console nothing happens, it stays there. I have removed zrok from the device so zrok disable does not do anything. Thanks for the help

Any other ideas as to why the visualizer still has the environment showing up? and the delete function wont work? Is there a way to remove everything from my account and start over?

We haven't really had any reports of this sort of issue from other users.

Maybe try a different browser if possible? What browser are you using?

The web console does not show information that is not reported by the zrok backend. So, if it's showing up in the web console, then the environment still exists in zrok. There's no way for the visual representation to be "out of sync" with what's in the system.

I would expect that there is probably some sort of error in the web console, have you checked that?

That's not how the delete function works. Anything running or not running would not prevent you from deleting the environment.

When you click the red delete button a confirmation popup is the next step. Are you getting that confirmation popup?

If not, make sure you don't have a popup blocker preventing it. You will be unable to delete the share without acknowledging the popup.

Yes I am getting a popup. Thanks