Installing an edge router on a different compute

Quick check on my plans.. as I came across something unexpected.

I was following the steps my steps below that I worked through to create a second edge router... but this time.. I modified them for a different compute

When I modified the yaml file.. I noticed that the port was defaulted to 3022 instead of 8442

Does this make any difference.. as I am not really sure what I am doing..

I was thinking it should be 8442.. as how would the controller know how to find the new edge router?

Also.. I do imagine that I will need to modify something in the controller yaml to point it to the new edge router..

Does this make any sense.. ?

Let me know if you have any tips or pointers to be mindful of.


The ports don’t matter, they just need to be setup correctly. If your router is going to service edge connections or be a link listener, you need to make sure that edge clients connecting to this router can access the port. If it’s configured to be a link listener you need to make sure other routers can connect to the router though three port. Those are all things you do through various firewall configs.

The sections that need to align to the firewall will the the sections that advertise to routers the link address or the sections that advertise to sdk clients the address to connect to.

Hopefully that makes enough sense?

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