Is there any way to add the user identity using command line remotely?

I am trying to install Ziti in my organization, but I have found a big problem for us, trying to add the identity.
Is there any way to add the user identity using command line remotely?
The idea is to install de Zite Edge, and after create each jwt to send for each computer.

Thank you in advance

Hi @bettored, yes there’s a way to create an identity with the CLI. Are you already able to login with the CLI?

The next step is to run ziti edge create identity.

You may then copy the one time enrollment token created by the command to where it will be enrolled.

Here’s some more info about creating identities: Creating | OpenZiti

Hi @bettored, welcome to OpenZiti and the community!

As @qrkourier mentions, ziti edge create identity is what you want. Also, he mentions logging into the CLI. You can do that by exploring/using ziti edge login

Thank you so much for your replies.

Maybe I am in wrong, but as far as I know we have the indentity with One Time Token (OTT), with a token of 8 hours for each one.
Currently we are installing the Ziti Desktop manually, it was imposibe with a package from BMC Manangement, but in the moment of the installation we are not adding the jwt, the idea was to install each identity after remotly.

You can change the duration the token is valid. In the controller’s config change:

      # duration - optional, default 180m
      # The length of time that a Ziti Edge Identity enrollment should remain valid. After
      # this duration, the enrollment will expire and no longer be usable.
      duration: 180m

If that is sufficient, great. If not you can also explore using your own PKI and 3rd Party CA support