Log tuning for ziti-router?

I can’t seem to find this in the docs, but is there a way to set the logging for ziti-router to be a little less chatty?

By default it seems to low everything up to INFO which generates a lot of logs.

There’s no option at startup, other than -v which puts it into debug mode. I added an issue to track this: Add log level to either command line or config files for router and controller · Issue #1044 · openziti/ziti · GitHub

You can change it after startup using ziti agent set-log-level.


I’d also be interested to know what kinds of messages you’re seeing that you are finding to be overly chatty. Are there certain ones over and over or is it really just all of them? Are you looking to have a “only log WARN or higher” type of feature like what Paul is suggesting?

When we have a data sync running we get a lot of:

Mar 17 20:39:02 ip-10-213-2-78 ziti-router[3055139]: [74342.230]    INFO edge/router/xgress_edge_tunnel.(*tunneler).Dial |establishPath|: {circuitId=[jawGtjH0G] serviceId=[7brvQu2BLOFEhSjz69P1SV] attemptNumber=[1] binding=[edge] destination=[491a7781-7c76-4a5a-aec9-e668c4e304a3]} successful connection> for destination 491a7781-7c76-4a5a-aec9-e668c4e304a3
Mar 17 20:39:37 ip-10-213-2-78 ziti-router[3055139]: [74377.620]    INFO edge/tunnel/intercept/tproxy.(*tProxy).acceptTCP: received connection: -->```