Question on identity for app embedded

A question I hear sometimes, how to manage the identity tokens if we imbed OpenZiti SDKs into the apps. Any best practices? Is there any good documentation?

There aren’t any ‘best practices’ documented nor ‘other doc’ to follow. My advice would be to look at the Android tunneler and the iOS tunneler and look to see what those programs do. They are undoubtedly the best examples of a “real-world” application which enrolls identities.

Android tunneler: GitHub - openziti/ziti-tunnel-android
Android sample app: GitHub - openziti/ziti-android-app

iOS tunneler: GitHub - openziti/ziti-tunnel-apple: Ziti mobile and desktop edge clients for Apple devices
swift enroller sample: ziti-sdk-swift/main.swift at main · openziti/ziti-sdk-swift · GitHub

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