Quicksetup (Waiting to Enroll)

First time trying to install OpenZiti, expressInstall gets stuck at waiting for the controller to come online to enroll the edge router. I have checked the FW and the ports required are there I turned off the firewalld service to rule out FW. I also verified that the controller service has started

Install Type: local no docker
OS: Redhat

It was DNS, which now seems very silly

I was going to ask that question. The quickstart assumes you can resolve the hostname of the machine, which is what it uses so that if you were to use a VM or some other machine on your LAN that you can have a local network to play and learn on.

Sounds like the quickstart should test that you can resolve $(hostname) before even starting up?

Oh, and hi @cmbryner! Welcome to OpenZiti and the forum! (that’s how I always greet first time posters, and I forgot! my bad :slight_smile: )

I filed an issue to have the quickstart try to help out when the expected hostname/s are not resolvable quickstart should probe for expected hostname · Issue #968 · openziti/ziti · GitHub

thanks for the idea