Right way to re-enroll a router

I created an edge router and a little later realized that I made a typo in san DNS entry in router config. How can I correct that? Is there any work around other than - “delete the router from ziti and do fresh enroll”?


Yeah. I think that’s the best/easiest/fastest way to correct it. If that’s a painful process, I’d be interested in what could make it better.

I don’t think there’s any ‘re-enroll’ function that’s distinctly for this purpose.

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That makes sense.

From my limited experience, if there are policies referring to the router’s identity ( using @ ) those need to be re-created as well right? But policies using role-attributes wouldn’t need to be adjusted?

Yes you are :100: spot on. “Direct” references - using the @ - get cleaned up if/when the object is removed. Attribute resolution - using # - is reevaluated, and those policies would be just fine… I try not to use direct references any more, but when learning about OpenZiti they do make it just a wee bit easier to grok.

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