Self-Hosted Zrok with TCP/UDP support

I am a little confused about the documentation about the use of a self-hosted Zrok instance as I am a little new to networking concepts. For some context, I used to host my game servers on a local machine using Docker and I would setup reverse SSH tunnels to route traffic through a cheap Google VPS I had for free to expose the ports to the public. The issue now is that SSH doesn't support UDP (to my knowledge) so I found Zrok.

Could someone provide clarification if I could self-host Zrok on my Google VPS and be able to route my local machine network through it and essentially achieve the same functionality (TCP/UDP)? Thanks in advance.

There's a more straightforward option than self-hosting your zrok instance that works with a cheap VPS to enable a TCP or UDP proxy (like a port forward).

On the VPS, you run this to expose your private zrok share on a public port:

zrok access private {token} --bind

If the backend has mode tcpTunnel then it will open a TCP port, and a UDP port if backend mode udpTunnel.

Ensure the VPS's firewall allows the bind port you choose for the correct transport protocol: TCP or UDP.