Starting the controller using systemd on an Oracle Linux machine

When you start the controller with systemd on an Oracle Linux machine… it fails to start due to a conflict with SELinux.

One thing I have not tried yet is to install OpenZiti in another folder like /etc/ instead of /home/opc/

Would this resolve the issue?

It’s come to the point to where I now need to find an answer.

This helpful at all? Was just published

Oh nevermind, I see he used Ubuntu. Probably not relevant to Oracle Linux

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I am going to try to install Ziti in the etc folder to see if this resolve the issue… as it seems to be a folder rights issue… as a guess

IIRC I ran into similar issue, if you run sudo systemctl enable <systemd-unit> it will make a symlink in /etc/systemd/system and that should help with SELinux restrictions.


Super helpful. Thanks so much for sharing… its certainly saved a lot of painful trial and error.

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