TLS1.2 and TLS1.3

I have a Windows Server 2019 with XAMPP (port 443) and IIS (port 8888) installed (both are https). Via IIS is working fine but while accessing a page via XAMPP delays the welcome page after login.

I dig a deep a little and found this
Web application (XAMPP) is using TLS1.3 and the certificate version is 3 (its TLS1.3?).
On the other side Ziti Edge Desktop is using TLS1.2 (correct me if I am wrong).

Please clarify/guide.

Thank you

The Ziti Desktop Edge uses either 1.2 or 1.3 to connect to edge routers, but the application protocol is a different matter. The tunneled protocol (xampp here) should be tunneled properly. I'm wondering if there's something here though. I suppose it is possible that the tls negotiation is somehow causing some sort of delay but it's not something I've looked into myself. I wouldn't expect that is relevant, but maybe.

@ekoby it @scareything, is there anything TLS 1.3 related that might cause any delays?

@kashif have you looked at the logs from the client and the offloading identity to see if there are any relevant errors in there?

Thank you for your reply. Maybe something else not OpenZiti not sure. I posted debug logs on Pastebin. please visit [2023-09-11T08:34:27.736Z] DEBUG ziti-sdk:connect.c:531 process_connect() conn -

Thank you

error creating route for [s/JFtJzAxIc6] on [r/vQutsJRrHa] (error creating route for [c/JFtJzAxIc6]: timeout waiting for message reply: context deadline exceeded)

That's definitely strange. @plorenz, do you know what that means? Is that a problem where we tried to connect to a remote machine from a router but the router never replies and the router times out?

I think that's what's going on. I do see some successful dials happening in your logs, so it does seem like things are setup correctly. My guess is that whatever service is trying to be contacted is not responding in time and we're giving up on the connect.