Tunnelers stopped connecting to my public router

Hey All,
Noobie here, I have an environment hosted publicly (Controller+ZAC) and I have a publicly hosted ER. All have hostnames and are verified with eachother.

My issue is whenever I run a edge router at home I get issues intercepting traffic. I tried creating a host with tunneler and I get he following When I run

sudo systemctl status ziti-edge-tunnel.service

I get

Jun 05 20:59:26 hamad ziti-edge-tunnel[836]: (836)[      845.652]   ERROR ziti-sdk:channel.c:903 on_channel_connect_internal() ch[0] failed to connect to ER[ER-Pub-AZ cloud vm azure fabric router] [-103/software caused connection abort]

I know the name is weird but I just couldn't keep up with the names so I just added descriptions to each thing on their names because there's no description field(I hope that isn't whats breaking things).

I should note that when I connect using my android client it works just fine :ziggy_has_a_question_closeup:
But when I try using my iphone with the same setup it doesn't work...

Hi @HamadBadr, welcome to the community and to OpenZiti!

It's definitely surprising that the android client works while the iphone doesn't. You said you had a router in your home. It makes me think that the iphone is trying to connect to the local router and failing.

Have you looked at the logs from the iphone?

so an update, it seems I have an issue with setting up my yml config files and causing bad certs

as to having andoirds working fine and other tunnelers no working so well I have no clue.
I tried to fix things and nothing can connect now.

I also tried to intercept a service in a tunneler and this is the error im getting.

Event though my environment consists of local edge routers, this is the error on my other private edge routers

Would you like me to post the fix you created?