Turning ZAC dark

This is one of my little side things this week… let me know if anyone is interested.

I dont think it would require too much coding… just a little bit of work to integrate the NodeJS SKD to launch a zitified host.

It would be great to close port 8443 :slight_smile:

It’s entirely doable and is on my longer term plan of ‘things to do’ but is under other competing priorities. There’s a minor “chicken/egg” issue since you need to make an identity/service in order to accomplish this - but it is totally doable.

You would effectively need to leave ZAC “open” until you can provision an identity, and then remove the ZAC from the cloud ACL allowing port 8443.

If you get it working - you should publish a video here or maybe even blog about it??? :slight_smile: It’d be a nice blog/video !

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Quick update… I was going to implement the NodeJS SDK to do this… but unfortunately… the NodeJS SDK does not providing hosting capabilities.

So… instead… I will create a demo that uses a reverse proxy that I already have developed…

I will provide a demo of this later today… adding one more layer of protection for the admin console.