What are API binding options?

Looking at the controller config I see there are API binding options in the web section. I’ve never seen that node used and the comments are somewhat unclear (to me anyway) as to what exactly might go there. Can someone provide insight into this node?

  # binding - required
  # Specifies an API to bind to this webListener. Built-in APIs are
  #   - edge-management
  #   - edge-client
  #   - fabric-management
  - binding: edge-management
    # options - arg optional/required
    # This section is used to define values that are specified by the API they are associated with.
    # These settings are per API. The example below is for the 'edge-api' and contains both optional values and
    # required values.
    options: { }
  - binding: edge-client
    options: { }
  - binding: fabric
    options: { }

@andrew.martinez maybe you have some knowledge here?

No options are currently supported for any existing API as of (v0.26.8 on 9/28/2022). It is meant for “future use” and can safely be ignored till there is documentation for a web API that makes use of them.

Great, thanks for the speedy response.

We try! Thanks for posting.