Win32 local routing cache

Hi team,

I use OpenZiti with x86 on Windows 7. I succeeded in connecting and enrolling, but when using the hostname to visit services on the web it shows “Internet Explorer is unable to display the webpage”. Try to use the ipconfig/displaydns command cannot find the service name and IP. There are no errors in the logs.Win64 could find service name and ip in local routing cache.

Hi @Guardiant314. I'm happy to hear Windows 7 is continuing to work for you. Our "official" policy is that we support operating systems that are receiving continued security updates and sadly, that's no longer the case for Windows 7. So "officially" we don't support Win7...

ipconfig/displaydns won't help too much with the ZDEW. One thing you said that caught my eye is "when using the hostname to visit services on the web". Are you actually using a hostname? Meaning, the value you put into your IE window doesn't contain a period? We also don't support "hostname" resolution, your intercept must contain a period. For example this is valid: http://myintercept. but this is NOT valid (notice, no period) http://myintercept...

The only reliable ways to verify things are working as expected is to either use the NRPT with powershell, or use nslookup and supply the ip of the server.

For example, I have a service I use at home called "mom.rdp". To verify things are setup properly I would either use nslookup:

nslookup mom.rdp
Server:  UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    mom.rdp

or with powershell:

Resolve-DnsName mom.rdp

Name                                           Type   TTL   Section    IPAddress
----                                           ----   ---   -------    ---------
mom.rdp                                        A      60    Answer

Hope that helps?