ZDE For Windows - Popping up everytime logged in

Is there a way to stop the ZDE popping up its windows every time you log in. Would be nice if it could just start in the background without the large pop-up window by default. Just asking here if there was a switch or something.

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed that myself. Are you saying that when you log out and log back into windows that the UI pops open? I really never log out of my workstation, so it’s not something I’ve ever noticed before.

I would have expected the UI to be closed when you first login as we don’t have an option to “auto start” it.

I use Windows 11, and there’s an Apps->Startup option, and low-and-behold, I found Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows in there:

Maybe that’s on and you can toggle it off? I’m not sure about windows 10

I get it every time I reboot my machine. I have started to put it on servers and every time I rdp into then it pops up and is quite annoying. Want it to start every time I log in so I can get to it through the notification bar but don’t think it should start in maximised mode rather minimised (maybe unless it doesn’t have an identity)?

Will check if that option exists as a workaround.

There’s definitely a feature I added back in the day where if you have the UI running and you launch another instance of the UI, it’ll pop up the currently running version UI up to prevent two instances of the UI but I’ve never seen this behavior. I rdp from upstairs to downstairs now and then and I don’t remember the behavior…

You didn’t somehow add the program to start on login or something via group policy or some such? If you enable verbose logging, reproduce the issue and send me a feedback log I can see if anything is in the UI log indicating that it’s popping the UI up…

Thanks, The server that I am logging into is a 2016 server, but shouldn’t matter, as I get this on my Windows 10 device. No one is logged into the device (at least on another RDP session) and I would not think they would be logged into the console. I have uploaded the logs. The issue is around 6:12pm 5/3, or +13 GMT

PS: I haven’t dont anything different other than install the windows executable. I am seeing this on different machines.

Ok, I signed out of my own desktop to see if I would notice it. I found that my experience was not consistent. I have a few different ‘apps’ that start on login. Slack, Spotify, OpenZiti… Depending on which one launched last, I would experience the same thing you are. I also noticed that I personally click around the screen nearly immediately when I log in, which closes the app nearly immediately. I’ve just never noticed it… I also noticed that spotify, and slack both pop up as well which I’ve not noticed before either. :slight_smile:

I did turn off ZDEW in the windows 11 “startup apps” and confirmed that the UI does not start. That seems to be the best way to prevent this behavior. I’ll look a bit more and ask @jeremy.tellier to comment to see if he’s aware of anything else.

It is suppose to show on open, that is the behavior we want. If you don’t want the UI to open when you login, I would remove it from start up apps like suggested. Otherwise it would not open when you want to open it. I have it on a few 2016 servers, it is there but usually behind the other things that open.