Ziti console installed on amazon linux doesn't render content in /assets/*

Installed ZAC following instructions from GitHub - openziti/ziti-console

Ziti console installed on amazon linux doesn't render content in /assets/*

Network trace in chrome shows the login page is loaded but the images, css , js etc in /assets is not accessible. A blank white page is displayed. I installed ziti-console on OSX and it works perfectly.

Hi Dinesh.

Are you following these instructions to run the NodeJS server from the console project's source code?

Which versions of these are you running: ng, node, npm?

Are any existing GitHub issues relevant?

Did you get a different result by following the same procedure on a different Linux distribution, leading you to suspect there's a problem that's unique to Amazon Linux?

Hi Ken, Yes I am following the same instructions.

Version : node v21.5.0 (npm v10.2.4)

I was using one of the previous version of ziti-console from github on amazon linux 2022 for quite sometime. I upgraded to the latest ziti-console from github and since then I am getting the same issue on AL2022 and AL2023.

Did you encounter the same problem I just documented in this GH issue with the npm run build-lib step in the instructions?

I got it working by referencing the GitHub Actions step that builds the container image.

npm install;
ng build ziti-console-lib;
ng build ziti-console;
ng build ziti-console-node;
node server.js;
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Ken, this did not work for me yet. I tried with the different build step you had mentioned. Can you please share the OS , NPM, Node versions?

I remember I used Node 21, and I can find the other versions soon.

Thanks Ken, Appreciate you help, managed to get this working over https. Followed this thread : ZAC visualisation issue - #8 by TheLumberjack

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