Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows on a computer with more than one desktop user

Can I configure sharing rules for my installed identities or are they the same for everyone that uses this computer? For example, child or gaming desktop user on the same laptop where I have installed work identities in the work user’s desktop.

At this time, the Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows (ZDEW) does not allow for sharing rules. The ZDEW relies on being able to create a network interface. That action requires elevated privileges. In order for ‘any user’ to use the ZDEW you must run the installer as admin, which subsequently installs a service that runs as the system to do these sorts of operations for “non admin users”.

What that ends up with - at this time - is all the identities added to a system are accessible and stored by the “system” in the system’s profile.

We have thought about allowing individual users to specify their own identities but it’s not an option at this time. I would not be surprised to see us support both shared and per-user identities in the future, but for now it’s only ‘shared’.

Hopefully that’s enough detail but if you have more questions - lemme know

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That answers my question completely. Thank you. Now that I think about it, this is also true of the Linux tunneler. Not unique to Windows. Identities may not be readable by all users, but when an admin runs the tunneler all the loaded identities’ services become available to all users and all processes. It’s a per-device configuration, not per user, generally speaking.