Ziti repo on Ubuntu doesnt work

This is just an FYI. This has happened 3 times for me now. Doing the process to setup the apt access to get ziti to install ziti-edge-tunnel-Linux the app always flakes out on me. BUT if i download the ziti-edge-tunnel-Linux_x86_64.zip from the main site and copy that exeutable into /usr/bin overwriting the one that apt-get pulled down, everything works fine. Again, just an FYI. This work around works well so far, just dont know what will happen if there is a new version in apt if it will happen again or not.

Hi @ChrisOSSTMM, thanks for the feedback. Any chance you have the steps to reproduce the flakiness and any extra context about what it means to flake out? Just install it over and over? or make a new docker image and try installing it?

Any extra details would be great to have. Again, thanks for the input, this is the kind of feedback that’s helpful and we want to ‘fix’.

Hi @ChrisOSSTMM,

Which distro/version are you running, and which release code name are you using in your apt sources file? e.g. “jammy”, “focal”, “xenial”?

Yea, for a test im going to start with a fresh image and see how it works. I did have 2 3rd party repo’s
so ill do this to eliminate software from either of those causing issue.