Zrok subdomain?

I have a firebase app and I don't want to have to re-deploy my whole app every time (with updated, different http://askljdx3zfow.zrok.io).

how can I:
zrok share public localhost:4818 --subdomain 2222kkksamesamesameeverytime828

so that my thing will always be at http://2222kkksamesamesameeverytime828.zrok.io ??

other services have this, zrok works great except for this. how do I ask for a subdomain?
(and yes I know, I should put a really random one that will usually always be available)

plzz help :pray: I really like zrok :space_invader:

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Welcome to the community, @Will-Labs !

The best way to use zrok with your FireBase app is to reserve a zrok subdomain.

It's a two-step process, assuming you already did zrok enable.

  1. Reserve a public share token. For this example, I'll assume the app I want to share runs on localhost:80. This reserves the https://myfirebaseapp.share.zrok.io domain for your share.

    zrok reserve public 80 --unique-name myfirebaseapp
  2. Run zrok with the reserved token

    zrok share reserved myfirebaseapp

Here's a short article about this concept: Reserved Shares | Zrok


thanks so much for replying :pray: still having some issues understanding,

so I successfully did zrok reserve public 6777 --unique-name cjdkljf2093jkvl2jrandom338

then I tried to zrok share public reserved https://localhost:6777
and it didn't work. I tried several other ways too. It's not quite doing what I want

I basically want to share my localhost:6777 at that reserved namespace from above

how can I do it?

EDIT: nvm thx I got it:

zrok share reserved cjdkljf2093jkvl2jrandom338 public https://localhost:6777

zrok is awesome :space_invader: :rocket: :full_moon: :astronaut: