Addressable terminator aliases?

I’m looking for a way to write my host.v1 config’s listenOptions section such that there’s an addressable terminator known by two names, or a canonical name and an alias.

The use case is zssh with bindUsingEdgeIdentity: true. I’d like to additionally be able to address the terminator by an alias. That is, normally I can only address it by the name of the identity, but I’d like to be able to define yet another identifier that behaves identically for that particular identity.

Is that already a feature of the host.v1 config?

There’s no way right now to do this, that I know of. When you dial an addressable terminator you need to know the name of the identity to dial. It could be something added to zssh - to have a mapping of “aliases to identities” similar to what is done in ssh’s “config” file but it would need to be implemented.

If I’m not mistaken, this would also require changes to the SDKs and possibly the fabric.The SDKs provide two fields for the bind address: bind using edge identity which @qrkourier mentions, and identity which is a free form string.

Only one of these fields is used, and both of them only support a single bind address (i.e. not a list).

That’s why I was considering doing it in zssh, like how ssh does it. openssh lets you effectively make an alias which it consults when doing an ssh session. The fabric/sdks all stay the same, you just do the aliasing/mapping from within the zssh ‘config’ file. Seems more surgical