Gets error ""dial failed: service < number> has no terminator for the instance id" when try to connect remote ssh using zSSH

The following error is getting “dial failed: service < number> has no terminator for the instance id” when initiating a connection to the destination server using zSSH. I’ve checked on the destination side and the server is connecting with SSH locally.

What could be the issue here ? and please help with troubleshooting steps.

When you see "has no terminator", that USUALLY (now anyway) means you've "done something wrong".

Since you have mentioned zssh my initial reaction is that you are trying to zssh to a server, such as: zssh -s theZitiServiceName -c the.identity.json remoteusername@identityname.

If that's the case, I would expect/guess that when you created the service, you didn't use the "listenOptions" for the bind configuration.

A couple weeks ago over on the zssh readme, I added a section at the bottom showing you exactly how to use the CLI to make some identities and setup zssh. The key is the "listenOptions" section. As shown here:

ziti edge create config "${service_name}.host.v1" host.v1 '{"protocol":"tcp", "address":"localhost","port":'"${the_port}"', "listenOptions": {"bindUsingEdgeIdentity":true}}'

You must have bindUsingEdgeIdentity enabled or you'll see the 'no terminators' error when using zssh.

I think that's the problem, but let me know if not