allSvcPublicRouters service

When I completed a QuickInstall… and started the controller and router… this service appears to be available by default.

ziti edge list service-edge-router-policies

Any tips on how I can find out more about this specific service

This command just lists service-edge-router-policies. What’s a service-edge-router-policy? It’s a policy that authorizes services to use edge-routers. I strongly suggest you simply make an “#all” style service-edge-router-policies for quite some time until you understand the overall system better as this bit can get a bit confusing imo.

Even to this day I will always just make:

ziti edge create service-edge-router-policy all-routers --edge-router-roles "#all" --service-roles "#all"

To grant all services the ability to use all edge-routers…

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