Approach to connect two private clouds together

I raised a post a while back… around configuring an edge router as a gateway

After a lot of distractions… walkabout… and many new learnings…I am returning back to this to work through the video by @rcsoleng in more detail

While I cannot replicate the exact configuration described in this video… as I only have a very small home network… I was thinking of using this approach to connect two private clouds together

Is this the right way to do it… or is there another approach that better suits a multi cloud example.

I am not sure if the IP addresses need to be different… as they will be the same in my case because of how the cloud computes are configured.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions

Hmm… I think I just learned something new re networking… as this demo relates to LANs… not two separate private clouds.

I noticed that in this example port 53 needs to be open… along with something related to the nic ens33 (I think that is what you call it)

While I don’t understand everything… I do see now how this is not suitable for connecting two private clouds.

As my internal network is too small to do this… I was thinking about using a Docker instance somehow

Any tips… as I really like this demo… I just don’t have enough resources to work through all of the steps.