Hello All;
I'm just getting started with OpenZiti, I've managed to get the quick start going with BrowZer and Keycloak integration with federated login through WHMCS.

My next step is to protect a brownfield application (WHM/cPanel) server so that the application web interface is only accessible through BrowZer. I've reached the stage where the application login page is reachable through OpenZiti+BrowZer, but after entering login details, it just times out. So I guess BrowZer is not fully able to handle what the web application is doing during it's authentication flow.

Any ideas how can I troubleshoot this further?

@shumbashi Thank you for trying browZer with WHM. I'm happy to help investigate. In your Chrome browser, can you open dev tools, then go to the Console, then re-attempt your WHM login, then do a "right-click Save As" to save off your Console log, then send me that log? Feel free to do so on a DM to me. Thanks.