Building controller

For most part my requirement is to build tunneler on openwrt which work fine. Just wanted to make sure that I'm familiar with the eco system and able to made changes/compile different components if needed.

Following this builds ziti cli package, are there similar instructions to build controller or fabric modules?

ziti version
ziti v0.0.0
ziti-controller not installed
ziti-prox-c not installed
ziti-router not installed
ziti-tunnel not installed
ziti-edge-tunnel not installed

This means with the new reorganization of new code, other packages not being shown as not installed doesnt matter. Just go install ./ziti will do? If I make changes in controller directory, then do go install again and then run ziti controller run, my changes seem to take effect. Just trying to confirm whether my understanding is correct.

Hi @pearl

You are correct, all you need is the ziti executable. We're still tidying the CLI up a bit. The version sub-command output is confusing. Running ziti --version will show you the version of the ziti executable you're running without the confusing bits. One of the things planned for the next pass on the CLI is removing (or at least hiding) the duplicate version commands.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

What happens once you have the "ziti" executable built? There aren't any instructions on how to build the other executables that one thinks would be needed (controller, router, etc.). Do you then use "ziti" to build / download them? I read the markdowns in the "doc" directory but didn't see anything obvious on what to do next. I'm building using the local w/o Docker option. Thanks for any help on this.
cc: @TheLumberjack

ziti executable is one for all. If you type "ziti --help" it will show you all the details.