Building ziti-wintun

Hi! I’m looking to try a build of ziti-wintun, but while the notes say to use MingW, I’m not sure how best to approach this. I assume MingW-w64 rather than just MingW, but do you go with MSYS2 or something different? Thanks!

Which github project are you trying to build? I did a lot of work in the ziti desktop edge for windows, that code only downloads and uses a distribution straight from wintun because it’ll be signed by the wintun signing cert. I haven’t checked recently, but I thought the ziti-tunneler-sdk-c is doing the same. I can check…

I’ve built wintun in the past but it’s only used to provide a TUN for windows, an interface which can handle ip. On its own, building it will be useless for ziti.

I personally was using visual studio community edition and the ms tool chain to compile wintun, but like I said earlier the built dll wouldn’t be signed by wintun then.

Would you give me just a little more information about what you’re trying to do? I’m just not quite sure how best to help.

I’m probably just being an idiot. :slight_smile: But I’m looking into what can be done with windns.go, and assumed I would need to run services/build.bat to bring that off. But I stuffed up and used MingW rather than MingW-w64, so got nowhere. If can do it I’ll focus on that.

Windns.go on the ziti desktop edge for windows will be interacting almost exclusively with the windows os, mostly around adding/removing nrpt rules. These rules are how we can intercept domain name requests, route those requests to our dns server, and map ziti services to ip addresses assinged to the TUN. (wintun)

That way traffic for the intercepted service hits the TUN and we can then send that traffic over the overlay.

Good luck! :slight_smile: