C# SDK Ziti Controller not found

I am trying run sample C# .Net core Ziti SDK ,I am getting Ziti controller is not available, Let me know how to resolve this issue

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Unfortunately the c sdk, which the c# sdk wraps to expose the native functions has been moving very fast lately and has seen many changes since this version waa published.

We are working on getting the c# sdk back inline with the native library but it’s not ready yet. I’ll be happy to post back here and let you know when the sdk is brought up to date.

Hi Mani. Is it an option for you to use the C-SDK or Go-SDK at this time? Alternatively, you may run a standalone Endpoint e.g. ziti-tunnel or Ziti Desktop Edge.

If you are interested, we’d also be open to you updating the C# SDK to using the latest C-SDK and submit a PR.

Hi @mani.adigopula ,

I forgot to follow up here but a few months ago the c# sdk was updated to work with the latest ziti native sdk. If you’re still interested in using the c# sdk you should be able to get things working. If not please just follow up here in discourse and we will try to get you up and running asap.