Tizen apps and C# SDK

Good job guys. I have already implemented a couple of controllers and routers.
I find this project amazing.
Now, about SDK.
Tizen have terminated its support for VPN. I am not fully aware about Ziti SDK architecture, but I am wondering if it is possible to use the Ziti's C# SDK to build an Tizen TV app, connect to my Ziti overlay network and consume my private API's?

Hi @juliancuni, welcome to the community and to OpenZiti.

Yes, you should be able to use the .net sdk to do that. What sort of app are you building, what's the server side tech look like? Sometimes Microsoft/c#/whatever framework/libraries you're using don't make it exceptionally easy to embed an sdk in the app. There's a simple socket style client server example you can see here: that might get you going? ziti-sdk-csharp/OpenZiti.NET.Samples/src/Server at main · openziti/ziti-sdk-csharp · GitHub

If your chosen framework doesn't allow for/have hooks for easy extension, another very common technique is to deploy a tunneler into the server host or an edge router into the private address space of the server.

We are always eager to help someone work through an application embedded use case. If you get stuck somewhere, I'm happy to collaborate.


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Thank you Clint for your fast reply.
The frontend app is actually in production, live streaming audio/video conference. It's built with MAUI .NET C#, compiled for Tizen (using Tizen SDK). The server side (in which I am interested in) it's a simple REST.
In your docs you emphasize "it's all software". Now, I don't know if Ziti SDK uses TUN interfaces to connect to Ziti Network. If yes, I guess it's a no go.
But I will try and let you know my experience.
The REST server will be behind Ziti Controller, so I don't have to modify the server code to use the Ziti SDK. The MAUI frontend app will use SDK to connect to Ziti Network and call privately REST API's.

The SDKs do not require and do not use/create TUNs. They connect to an edge router directly using a simple outbound TCP connection. I've not used MAUI myself, I have always wanted an excuse to try it out but never had the time. The .net SDK was built with linux/macos/windows libraries and uses the C SDK under the hood so I'd expect it to work. If you do run into any issues, I'd be happy and eager to help out because it sounds neat. :slight_smile:

If you keep the REST server behind an edge router and use the router to offload traffic, that makes sense. Sure.


I am not so exited about anything Microsoft :wink:, but hey, you can't avoid taxes and requirements :grinning:.
So good news at least. TCP connection is all it's needed.
I'll let you know Clint.
Thank you so much and keep up with Ziti TV. By the way, today it's Friday. No Ziti TV episode today?


Friday is tomorrow for me. :slight_smile: Approximately 16 hours from now. I have been away this week and don't have anything planned yet, but I usually come up with something. Maybe a tour of the .NET SDK? :slight_smile:

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Oh boy, I am 1 day in the future. Actually it's Friday for almost an hour, but I was on Friday all day long.
Back to present. I keep messing with the terms "controller" and "router". I am still learning the basics of Ziti.