Cannot find controller - then it can

I have noticed this recently and it is annoying (to me anyway).
When I browse the the ZAC, and it asks you for the controller name and address, when I hit submit, it says it cannot find the controller. If I hit login for a second time it prompts for username/password without changing anything.

When I say recently, I have only started playing around with openZiti.

Can you duplicate this issue?

I’ve seen this exact issue myself but can’t quite replicate it exactly to report it to “the UI guy” (@jeremy.tellier holla!) to fix it… The key is being able to reproduce it.

For me - this happens ONLY the first time I boot up a whole, fresh, clean environment. After that it’s never a problem again. As such I’ve put very low energy into finding/fixing it…

But I can absolutely confirm I’ve had the same experience myself - I just can’t quite reliably reproduce it to get it fixed and since it’s so low-frequency of an event I haven’t tried to figure it out. If you have clear steps to reproduce that work for you every time though - we can fix it! :slight_smile:

Can confirm your experience Clint. I have been ripping the environment down a lot over the last few days, so I am seeing it more frequently. Does only seem to be on clean installs (docker-compose) that it does happen the first time. Initially I just assumed I had put in the URL incorrectly, then I stumbled on a double submit to make it go.

Also, to what purpose does the controller name have to do with the initial login (on the initial name/URL screen)? I seem to be able to name it anything

It’s purely a convenience thing. You can use a single ZAC instance to log into/maintain “many” OpenZiti overlay networks. You’ll see me call mine “local docker” a lot… If you deploy one or two to something like AWS though, seeing ‘’ isn’t all that helpful. :slight_smile:

I call that one “cdaws” so I know what I’m logging into. If you only have one OpenZiti network you’re maintaining - it’s not so vital.