Community Spam Ongoing

Hi All,

Just a quick note from the OpenZiti maintainers, we've had a few users recently who appear to be bot-traffic.

If you are DM'ed by anyone on this forum who is NOT a maintainer, please be careful. Do not click any links provided unless you understand exactly what you're clicking on. You can determine if the user is a maintainer by looking for the OpenZiti logo on their name:


In order to combat this issue, I have changed our DM policy to only allow trust_level_2 users to send PMs. This rules out many of our regular users. I've also emailed Discourse asking for feedback/guidance on how we can prevent this going forward.


We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you. An open and free forum does have to deal with issues like this from time to time. We'll try our best to solve the problem.

-OpenZiti Maintainers

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