Comparison of ZitiCloud versus zscaler

Curious to know if anyone has any points to make…

One that comes to mind is ZTAA… as it only appears to support ZTHA

Anything else to add?

@markamind, Zscaler Private Access has many similarities to intent but obviously OpenZiti is better :wink: A few examples are:

  1. opensource under Apache 2.0
  2. includes SDKs allowing it to be directly embedded an app
  3. usable for any use case from remote access, to multi-cloud, to DevOps, to IoT (ZPA only supports client-initiated connections, thus user access only and no apps like SSH or RDP)
  4. has embedded identity with the ability to cooperate with external IdP (ZPA depends on external IdP)
  5. can be hosted in any location rather than just Zscaler PoPs
  6. has a full suite of APIs and declarative functions.