Differences between ZTHA and ZTNA

Hi, I’m still new to OpenZiti and Zero Trust. From what I’ve been understand, ZTNA is network-centric and applies zero-trust principles to securing access to the corporate network and systems. How about zero trust host access? I did find the concept of ZTHA on Google, but I couldn’t find much and still couldn’t grasp the idea. I hope it helps me to understand more about OpenZiti and zero trust.

Hi @himeose, welcome to OpenZiti and zero trust! :slight_smile:

I have a whole presentation on OpenZiti and there’s a section that covers this exact question if you’re interested in watching it. I probably should re-record the latest version of it for audio reasons. You can watch the whole presentation here: Application Embedded Zero Trust - Live Stream - YouTube

The section that’s most relevant to your excellent question starts at 10:28s ish and you can jump right to that section here: Application Embedded Zero Trust - Live Stream - YouTube

The latest slides are out here LF-One-Summit.pptx - Google Slides and are best viewed with MS PowerPoint since there’s builds and graphics and whatnot.

Slide 27 shows you this sort of pic:

Maybe the video I linked up above and maybe these images will help. If not follow up and we’ll keep answering your questions, no worries. Zero trust can seem like a daunting task, but I’m sure you’ll pick it up in no time.

Hope that helps, but if not, dont’ be shy and ask a follow-up.

Cheers, thanks for the question and welcome to the community

Thank you for replying. This helps with my documentation and understanding as I prepare a project related to OpenZiti and ZTNA. Basically, before starting, of course, I need to understand all the concept and how it works :smiley: Thank you for encouraging and have a good day.


If you’re interested, I recorded the presentation in a better format. If interested here’s that video Ziti TV - Application Embedded Zero Trust - YouTube

Updated for 2022

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Thank you, I’ve watched the video. Appreciate.

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