Configuring a Load Balancer with OpenZiti

I am watching a video on a related topic that talks through setting up a Load Balancer.

How does this relate with OpenZiti?

Do you have an alternative way of redistribution load to multiple servers?
Is this easier to use? Better? Why?

have a look over at Ziti Services | Ziti and maybe Ziti Services | Ziti and see if that addresses your question?

OpenZiti has a few methods of ‘redistribution’. It’s probably ‘eaiser to use’ since one doesn’t really need to worry about it but - it’s definitely ‘different’ so if you were a pro with some other load-balancer it’ll be something else to understand/learn so maybe it’s harder then? :slight_smile:

But - have a look at that doc and see if that answers your question.

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Thanks… so… the smart routing capability is integrated into the fabric and its not something you need to configure.

Though… what would happen for more complex scenarios… could this be customised for a specific situation… or is it more generic in nature?

There are thoughts/conversations which happen along the lines of when or how to allow for more customization but at this time it’s only at the discussion level.

If you have an idea or need, it would help if you outline it here. If ziti can accommodate, we’ll let you know. If it’s not something we can do then we can evaluate the ask/need. If it’s something broadly applicable to other ziti networks there’s a good chance it’ll get added to a backlog to get implemented some day.

If you have a particular scenario in mind let us know. Or, if you are you just exploring… That’s cool. :wink:

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Exploring at this stage… trying to put all of the pieces together… its quite a puzzle :slight_smile: