How does OpenZiti route a request when 2 hosts are available for the same service?

This is a question that came into my mind out of curiosity

Assuming the following net diagram:

And assuming the typical minimal setup where you have a Hostv1 config and an Interceptv1 config and you link both with a service and then you define service policies for host and client.

Both red and blue computers have a web server on port 443 and the response from the web server will be different on red and blue.

Assuming the laptop (client) requests for webserver.ziti, what will be the response? How does openziti route it?

Thanks in advance

This is how OpenZiti can loadbalance your applications for you. I believe by default every other request will bounce from red to blue. You can influence that behavior if you want to a ‘passive/failover’ Ziti Services | OpenZiti

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Aaaah I see, I saw that page but I didn’t see the default behaviour, thanks for clarifying!