Configuring Tunneler-enabled ziti-router intercepts

I came across this post which I found very interesting

Does this mean that you can configure an intercept using a router… without having to define an intercept separately?

The reason for going down this path is that I need to find a way to have the tunneller terminate at a HTTPS server… rather than… an end client.

I have an intercept setup… and are using the Ziti Dialler to call the service… though I thought to explore other configuration alternatives…

What are the pros / cons ?

One option I am exploring to have the a tunneller terminate at at HTTPS server is to have the server act as a client… dialing the service with every request it receives… and then sends back the results concurrently…

Not sure if this is a good design… but thought to pay around to see the limits of what can be done.

I also have no idea of how to work with these SDKs… so it helps understand the steps required.

PS. I find that serving zitified services is pretty simple… its the other side that I am confused with… ie… how do you work with the SDK / tunneller… to process the results in a server process concurrently

This is the real problem that I am trying to work out