Controller - Router Authentication

Hi, I wanted to know in depth as to how does an edge router authenticate itself to a controller, what certificates or keys are used and how is it presented to the controller

All endpoints in the Ziti overlay, whether edge (SDKs, tunnelers) or fabric (edge routers at the edge or in the mesh), must go through the 'bootstrapping trust' process using strong identity.

This is fleshed out at length in this 5 part blog series - Bootstrapping Trust Part 1. I would start there and see if you still have questions.

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Hi @devawasthi, welcome to the community and to OpenZiti!

I think a better resource for your question other than the blog @PhilipGriffiths shared is probably the docs at Ziti Security | OpenZiti

Did you find that doc? There's "a lot" in there to read through that I think should address your question?

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Yes, It was helpful to me, thank you !

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