Docker image for arm7

Is it possible to get docker container images for arm7 and arm64 which are usable as edge-router on a Mikrotik router?

Am I right, assuming this is the autonomous-router docker image, which is only available for x68_amd64?

We tested this image on Mackbook M1 and it was working fine. You may want to just give it a try.

Hi Dariusz. Many thanks for the fast reply.
First we’d like to go with armv7 because this hardware is in use until now.
Is it planned in future? Is it a big deal for you?
I also had a look at the future planned hardware. It’s also arm32. :slight_smile:

Hi Jens,
Is there a specific reason you are interested in the edge router? ZET is available as well as a docker container. Docker. I need to find out why the latest version is not available on arm7, but you can try v0.20.14.

Hi Dariusz.
It is for a PoC for Host to NET. I thought at the NET site, a edge router is needed and that a edge tunneler is only capable to share services on a edge device because of the word tunneler.
Am I wrong?
BTW: I’ve ordered a Mikrotik HAP ax3 now. Its CPU is an ARM64. So perhaps I should try it with your M1 tested image these days? We are searching for a solution on small Mikrotik RouterOS devices.

Hi Jenst,
For your application, tunneler will work just fine.


Just to add to what James said. Edge routers have a built-in function called the tunneler that works like ZET. Both have ability to host and intercept services. The interception works differently on both and obviously ER has also the fabric/edge pieces built into it. We recommend using ZET for IoT type deployments especially, and this sounds like it may be something like it.

Hey James, hey Dariusz.
Okay. Many thanks. So we will have an eye on ZET now.
While working on it at our spare time, it could take some days.
We will keep you informed about our progress.

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Hello. Here my update:
Installing ZET for ARMv7 worked fine.
Tomorrow we will start to learn generating services for devices in a network behind this ZET.
Many thanks for your help.


Hi Jenst,
that is great news… let us know if you need other help.