Running edge router on Mac

Is there any way I can run an edge router on my M1 apple silicon mac? Either by a docker container or a VM. I wanted to run an edge router locally to test some stuff

I am pretty sure the amd version of the edge-router will run under mac silicon perfectly fine. so sure you can download the latest edge-router from the releases page of ziti and it will run for you.

If you want to run via docker - you could do that as well. There’s the “just run a docker container” quickstart: Local - With Docker | Ziti

And there’s a “make me a whole entire openziti overlay network” docker quickstart: Local - Docker Compose | Ziti

I would think any of these options would work well for you. Any issues follow up here and we’ll get you going!

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I can confirm, the darwin amd version works on M1 as well as simply using the quickstarts that Clint suggested, which pulls the amd version for M1 until git actions supports builds for the M1 explicitly.

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