Does ZITI DESKTOP EDGE (Win Ver) work in Windows 11

Hi Team,
Does the downloaded version of Ziti Desktop Edge work on Windows 11 ?
I ask this because, I deployed the open ziti network using docker-compose method.
I created an identity using ZAC. Downloaded the jwt file and tried to add identity using this jwt file.
The Ziti Desktop Edge stop working immediately and complained like " Unexpected Error Code 2 : Object reference not set to an instance of object. "

I also tried from licensed version of NF Console & Network. The error is the same.

Hi @sameersarkar-tcl ! Welcome to the community!

Yes Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows works with Windows 11 - I run it every day with Windows 11 myself! :slight_smile:

If you spooled up an environment with docker - my guess is that you’re running into a problem addressing the controller because ziti-edge-controller is not addressible for you.

I would think you’ll want to do what I do here - open this file:


and add this: ziti-edge-controller ziti-edge-router

When you run things in docker - you’ll need to map the name that the quickstart expects. I tried to cover that here Local - Docker Compose | Ziti but maybe that’s not enough of a hint.

Can you verify that you can get to “https://ziti-edge-controller:1280” when you start docker up?

Thanks Clint.
I am checking on it and will get back to you.

Hi Clint,
It is working fine.

Thanks for the help.

Sameer Sarkar

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@sameersarkar-tcl - that’s great news! thanks for following up, happy ziti-ing! :slight_smile: