ERROR zrok/endpoints/proxy.newReverseProxy.func2: error proxying: context canceled

I have deployed sentry on my linux VM and accessed using ZROK. I am receiving this error on the zrok terminal. Attatched below

Hi @sbansal793 :wave:

Does the Sentry app function normally when the "context canceled" error is occurring in the zrok share TUI?

The app is functioning normally even during this error. Error is displaying in zrok share TUI

Which version is running zrok share?

zrok version

The version is v0.4.30 [96bfe62c]

Great. That's the latest release.

Do you get the same error if you include the --insecure flag in your zrok share command? That will tell zrok to skip verifying the Sentry app's server certificate, if the backend is connecting with TLS.

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@qrkourier I am running without TLS. I will try running with an --insecure flag.