How do i host a minecraft server with zrok?

I just created a minecraft server and wanted to play with friends so i was going to host it with zrok but the problem is that the tutorial given to host minecraft server is through private share and i dont want all my friends to have complicated tools and access the server through commands to join i just want to do a public share soo how do i publicly share my minecraft server?

Hi @Proximity. At this point, public tcp ports are not offered by zrok. The easiest thing to do is to use your own virtual private server (vps) and run zrok on your home and on the vps. Then you expose the port from the vps.

At that point your friends can go to your vps IP:PORT which zrok will then tunnel through to your minecraft server.

I made a video on my personal channel that shows how someone can do just that here The important bits start at 3:40 ish where I show using --bind

Give that video a watch (it's under ten minutes) and I think that'll help you out.

The support here is great they will try to help u in any way possible and the soonest they can. :slight_smile: thanks again

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